Please make sure that your case is ready to move forward at the time of your GoToMeeting. For bundled cases that include the final restoration, the total cost must be paid up front. Bundled cases are non-refundable and must be redeemed within 9 months from the day of surgery. There will be a $1,000.00 non-refundable fee if your case is canceled after the GoToMeeting has taken place. All approved rush cases will have a rush fee of $1,250.00 applied per arch for the nSequence Guided Prosthetics case.

The cost of the nSequence Guided Prosthetics Kit is $3,300 and includes all of the following:

  • Collaborative Surgical Planning
  • Anatomical Model
  • Bone Foundation Guide (Reduction Guide)
  • Surgical Guide
  • Start Bite, Angle Rotation Guide and Prosthetic Bite Guide
  • Tissue Gasket
  • 2 Lucitone® Long Term Provisionals
  • Surgical Report

Important Information to Review:

Before you begin completing the order form below, please review the CT Guided Scan Protocol and Scan Quality tips. You will also need to have the following in order to process your case:

  • Scan of patient (with Blu-Mousse bite in place at MIP or desired vertical opening)
  • Scan of denture with markers (dual scan protocol - if applicable)
  • Upper and lower impressions or models (optical scan conversion - if applicable)
  • Patient photos (digital)

CT Guided Scan Protocol:

Scan Quality:

Before submitting your case, check that all your scans adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Scan field of view: Make sure no part of the desired arch to be treatment planned is cut off, there is no patient movement and a scan appliance was used.
  • Scan resolution: Minimum of 0.3 voxel is recommended. The smaller the number, the better (ex: 0.2, 0.1, etc.).
  • Scan format: Please send all files in DICOM format.