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nSequence® offers a full array of digital services to support the needs of your patients and your practice. To assist you through this process, we've included below a list of all our order forms along with some additional information and instructions for submitting your case.

Digital RX Forms

  1. Guided Prosthetics®
  2. Surgical Guides
  3. CT Anatomical Model Only
  4. Digital Wax Up
  5. Radiology Report
  6. Scan Review
  7. CBCT Scan
  8. Guided Prosthetics Demo Kit

Print RX Forms

  1. Definitive Guided Prosthesis RX Form – Phase II / Final Restoration (if bundled package not purchased)
  2. Fixed RX Form
  3. Removables RX Form

Photo Series

Taking appropriate clinical photos of your patient is imperative to starting your nSequence Full Arch Guided Prosthetics Case. Without proper photos, the lab cannot begin the case planning. 

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CT Guided Scan Protocol

Taking an appropriate CT scan of your patient is imperative to starting your nSequence Full Arch Guided Prosthetics Case. Without proper scans, the lab cannot begin the case planning. The protocol is also slightly different depending on whether your case is fully edentulous or terminally dentate. Click to download more information on the different scenarios below.

Upload Your Files

There are a variety of options for submitting files related to your case (ie. photos, DICOM data). Find out which option works best for you.

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Digital Impressions

nSequence accepts files from all major intraoral scanning systems, making the transition to digital dentistry easy for your practice.

Learn more about submitting digital impressions

Customer Account Portal

nSequence provides 24 hour access to your account. We make it easy to find answers to your practice or business questions at all times. You can also connect with our lab to quickly find the support you need. Some of our Account Portal features the following: Make Payment, View Case Status, Schedule a Pickup, View Sales/Payment info, Reprint Invoices and/or Statements and Order lab supplies (boxes, bags, etc.).

To access your NDX nSequence Account Portal, click here.

To set up a new Account, please click here to download the account request and credit card authorization form. Fill in both pages and fax your completed form to 1-775-827-6650.