Customer Testimonials


Dr. Karoline Asbell

Boca Raton, FL

Dr. Karoline Asbell had a great experience with NDX nSequence® Guided Prosthetics®, "It’s an amazing difference.”

Dr. Jeffrey Babushkin

Cosmetic & Preventive Dentistry – Trumbull, CT

Dr. Jeffrey Babushkin had a great experience with NDX nSequence Guided Prosthetics. "My experience with nSequence has been fabulous. The ability to go from a digital platform and take that directly to the mouth with a product that looks good, functions well and is very easy to use prosthetically for the dentist, is light years ahead of conversion of a denture the old way we used to do it."

Dr. Todd E. Bloom

Fairfield Oral Surgery – Southport, CT

Dr. Todd Bloom endorses NDX nSequence. "The product is phenomenal. The lab is incredible. The customer service is great. It’s always predictable, and can’t say enough good things about this lab!"

Dr. Rafael Cordero

Cordero Periodontics – Palm Beach Gardens & Loxahatchee, FL

Dr. Rafael Cordero helps patients regain their smiles through NDX nSequence Guided Prosthetics. "There’s no comparison. This is a system, that is, what I call ‘stackable,’ and it goes from A – Z completely. All the details are there; it really is infallible. It guides you on the occlusion, the vertical of the patient, the bone reduction, (and) the placement of the abutments. All the records are done at the beginning. And it’s probably the most demanding part, you get the records right, you get the procedure right!"

Dr. Michael E. Gallagher

West Park Dental – Cleveland, OH

Watch as Dr. Gallagher gives a video testimonial regarding the nSequence Guided Prosthetics Kit & Workflow. "It's really slick, that's my word. It's a slick procedure."

Joe Hohler

Surgical Territory Manager – Straumann

Joe Hohler, a representative from Straumann, comments after his first experience using the NDX nSequence Guided Prosthetics Kit & Workflow for his Straumann pro-arch case. "It was presented in a very unique way, which other systems don't offer." Check out his video testimonial.

Dr. Susan Levine

General & Cosmetic Dentistry – Fairfield, CT

Watch as Dr. Susan Levine gives a video testimonial regarding her experience with nSequence. "It’s a very organized, predictable way of providing immediate restorations to patients."

Dr. Michael Pikos

Pikos Institute – Trinity, FL

“This is just one of many cases that we have completed over the years utilizing the nSequence prosthetic protocol for fully guided full arch immediate reconstruction arches. This 57-year-old patient is now almost 5 years completed and is another “success story” for our practice. Indeed, our entire team of dental specialists including our staff remain very grateful for this fabulous technology as we continue to transform our patients’ lives.”

Dr. Nick Shumaker

Northern Colorado Periodontics – Fort Collins and Greeley, CO

Watch as Dr. Shumaker discusses his experience after completing his first double-arch nSequence case with the Nobel Active Implant system. "You go through the sequence and the steps and everything seemed to fit together really precisely...In the end we got a great result."