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Many patients are looking for a fast, customizable solution to replace their missing teeth. They want to live life with a smile, eating the foods that they enjoy, while feeling better about themselves.

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The nSequence 3D guided surgical and restorative workflow for immediate loading of full arches is unique in that it provides the implant team with everything needed to complete the procedure predictably, safer, and in less time:

  • Pre planning between the surgeon, restorative dentist, and laboratory surgical planner helps to ensure optimal results, with everyone signing off on the case.
  • Experienced technicians digitally design the case at the NDX nSequence laboratory in Reno, Nevada in the RealGUIDE software.
  • A comprehensive kit that includes a detailed surgical report, stackable surgical and restorative guides, customized implant components and Lucitone® Long Term Provisionals are sent prior to the day of surgery.
  • This patented approach allows for markedly shorter surgical time, eliminates guesswork, and reduces stress on the entire team.