Please make sure that your case is ready to move forward at the time of RX submission. If you choose to cancel your case after your case is planned, a cancellation fee of $100.00 for surgical guides with 1-3 implant sites or $275.00 for surgical guides with 4-8 implant sites will be charged per arch. Should you reinstate your case within 3 months, the cancellation fee can be applied to the new case. All approved rush cases will have a rush fee of 33.3%.

The cost of the nSequence CT Surgical Guides starts at $224* and includes all of the following:

  • Collaborative Surgical Planning
  • Surgical Guide
  • Optional Temporary Restoration (additional costs will apply)
  • Surgical Report

*Price and shipping apply to 1-3 unit guides only. Plan and pricing to be finalized by the clinician and NDX nSequence. Pricing available for a limited time and subject to change.

Important Information to Review:

Please review the Required Records, CT Guided Scan Protocol, exporting DICOM and uploading Digital Impressions sections below, before completing your online RX:

CT Guided Scan Protocol:

Exporting DICOM

Digital Impressions: