Below are more events that NDX nSequence® will be attending. We look forward to seeing you there!

Featured Events:


Fully Guided Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction Seminar

May 16-18, 2019
Trinity, FL

Live Surgery & Hands-on Training by Dr. Michael A. Pikos
23 Credit Hours
Fee: $5500 US

Attention Surgical Specialists:

We encourage you to attend this unique fully guided full arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction course with your top restorative dentists. Come as a team and experience the full scope of guided prosthetics and guided surgery for full arch immediate implant reconstruction. There is no course like this in the world.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn the protocol for a unique, digitally planned, fully guided surgical, restorative, and laboratory approach for immediate full arch implant reconstruction (Same Day Teeth® – nSequence Guided Prosthetics protocol).
  • Compare the indications and advantages of a unique digital based, fully guided, interdisciplinary protocol (Same Day Teeth – nSequence Guided Prosthetics protocol) with the conversion denture protocol for full arch immediate implant reconstruction.
  • Learn the advantages of providing Same Day Teeth with the nSequence Guided Prosthetics protocol digital workflow in comparison to the conversion denture protocol workflow for both provisional and final prosthesis fabrication.
  • Understand the limitations and complications of the Same Day Teeth – nSequence Guided Prosthetics protocol in addition to the conversion denture protocol.

The Ultimate Graft Course: Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting for Optimal Implant Reconstruction

June 20-22, 2019
Orlando, FL

Featuring Dr. Michael A. Pikos and Dr. Maurice A. Salama
25 Credit Hours
Fee: $3950 US

Course Highlights:
  • Day 1: Hard Tissue Reconstruction
  • Day 2: Soft Tissue Reconstruction
  • Day 3: Esthetic Zone Reconstruction
  • BONUS: Sunday, June 23, 2019 – 8am to 12pm (Separate Registration is Required); Optional Program: Limited Attendance Hands-On Training

Digital Workflow to Enhance Esthetic Outcomes: From Single Unit Restorations to Full Arch Rehabilitation

May 10, 2019
Minneapolis, MN

Presented by Curry H. Leavitt, DMD, MS​
5 Credit Hours

Course Description:
This course will demonstrate how a digital workflow can help meet the highest demands of implant dentistry with a process that’s easier, less invasive and more predictable, even in full arch cases. 

Digital workflow provides the most accurate data available and can combat both surgical and restorative challenges by improving communication between the surgeon, restorative doctor and laboratory. By understanding diagnostic, surgical and prosthetic protocols within a digital system, this course will help you meet your patient’s expectations and ultimately give them the best long-term results.

More Upcoming Events:


AAID MaxiCourse

May 2-5, 2019
Chicago, IL

Digital Implant Planning for Full Arch Dental Implant Treatment - Surgical and Restorative Options

May 3, 2019
Andover, MA

The 13th International Symposium on Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry

June 6-9, 2019
Boston, MA

Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics 84th Annual Meeting

June 19-22, 2019
Napa, CA

SAP 2019 Annual Meeting

June 20-23, 2019
Naples, FL

Southwest Society of Periodontists 2019 Summer Meeting

July 26-28, 2019
New Orleans, LA