Video Resources

The videos below were created as a supplement to the nSequence® Quick Reference Procedure Guide which provides step-by-step information on the nSequence Guided Prosthetics® Workflow.

Details pertaining to the steps of the workflow not included in the videos below can be found in the Quick Reference Guide link mentioned above.

Case courtesy of Dr. Robert Stanley in Cary, North Carolina.

Step 1 – Trying In The Start Bite

Step 3 – Seat The Bone Foundation Guide

Step 4 – Reduce The Bone Flush To The Bone Foundation Guide

Step 5 – Seat The Surgical Guide And Deliver The Implants

Step 9 – Bone Profiling Implants

Step 10 & 11 – Seat Angle Rotation Guide And Multi-Unit Abutments

Step 13 – Seat The Temporary Cylinders

Step 14 – Seat The Tissue Gasket

Step 15 & 16 – Seat The Long Term Provisional And Prosthetic Bite Guide And Lute The Long Term Provisional To The Temporary Cylinders

Step 17 & 18 – Clear Duplicate Bridge Protocol: Seat The Second Set of Temporary Cylinders And Lute The Clear Duplicate Bridge

Step 19 – Remove The Clear Duplicate Bridge And Seat The Healing Caps

Step 21 – Finalize The Long Term Provisional

Step 22 – Finalize The Clear Duplicate Bridge