Tech Team

Questions about your nSequence Guided Prosthetics® case? We have a talented group of highly qualified individuals who are available to help guide you through your technical questions and provide support for your chairside needs.

Jeton Zajmi

General Manager, NDX® nSequence®

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Jeton brings us nearly 20 years of dental laboratory and operations experience. He graduated from Madison Technical College and began his career as a dental technician in Wisconsin at D&S Dental Laboratory. He then took his talents to California and worked for Mead Dental Ceramics. For the last 8 years, he has been leading the start-up and growth of Glidewell’s Crown World network of labs.

Jeton Zajmi
Jeton is passionate about delivering an effortless experience to his clinicians, and he is very customer-centric in his approach. His doctors know that they matter, and in turn, know that their patients’ cases will be restored in the most optimal way.

In his spare time, Jeton enjoys sports and traveling the world. 

Implant Specialists


Jeff Carlson

Implant and nSequence Specialist, CDT

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Bio: Jeff Carlson, CDT has extensive experience in both the dental laboratory setting as well as working with dental implant manufacturers in the areas of education, technical and sales support. He has lectured both nationally and internationally on dental implants. Jeff is the primary author of a 300-page, fully-illustrated “cook book” for restorative doctors and is a co-author of a corresponding restorative manual for auxiliaries that has been distributed in eight countries. Jeff has also developed a two-day training program helping clinicians improve their presentation skills, which has been attended by more than 200 dentists from sixteen countries.

Jeff Carlson
Currently: Jeff Carlson is an nSequence Implant Specialist for National Dentex (NDX), the largest chain of dental laboratories in the United States. He lectures across the country on immediately loaded full-arch restorations, nSequence Guided Prosthetics and the latest advances in implant technology.

Specialties and areas of strength: Implants, education, guided surgery, case planning, aesthetics, occlusion, team building, clinician and vendor relations.

Certification: Jeff is a Certified Dental Technician with forty years of dental experience. Twenty of those years were focused in the area of dental implants with implant manufacturers in the area of education, product development and technical/sales support.

Ozzie Richi

Implant Director and nSequence Specialist, MDT

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Bio: Ozzie Richi, MDT has worked in all facets of dental technology for the past 26 years and specializes in implants. He has helped with the development of several implant companies’ systems and products available on the market today. Mr. Richi helped develop and grow several laboratories’ implant departments across the country and once owned a laboratory producing only high-end quality implants in New York City. He is honored to have worked with some of the best dentists and dental technicians in the world. 

Ozzie Richi
Currently: Ozzie Richi is the Implant Director and an nSequence Specialist for National Dentex (NDX), the largest chain of dental laboratories in the United States. He lectures across the country on immediate loading, nSequence Guided Prosthetics and the latest advances in implant technology. 

Specialties and areas of strength: Implants, education, guided surgery, case planning, aesthetics, ceramics, implant customer service and vendor relations. 

Certification: Ozzie Richi received a Master Dental Technician title after successfully completing the ASMDT (American Society of Master Dental Technologist) at New York University (NYU). 

Wes Baker

NDX nSequence Implant Specialist, CDT

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Wes Baker, CDT, has more than twenty years of experience in the dental industry as a technician, lab owner and territory manager. With clinical experience in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics from the Medical University of South Carolina – and from providing clinical support for hundreds of full-arch implant cases – Wes has established himself as a leader in the clinical arena. A former lab owner and manager, he understands the important role that laboratories play in dental practices, and he is committed to building strong partnerships with his clients. As a previous territory manager for Ivoclar Vivadent, Wes built a strong reputation in the dental community, both in the laboratory and in the classroom.

Wes Baker
Currently: Wes Baker is an nSequence Implant Specialist for National Dentex (NDX). He started in 2018 as a Clinical Sales Specialist in his native region, the Southeast, before accepting a new role and geography in the Pacific Northwest. Wes also served as interim General Manager of the NDX nSequence laboratory in Reno, NV.

Specialties and areas of strength: Laboratory operations, digital dentistry, implant restorations, guided surgery/case planning, education and clinical support.

Certification: Wes has been a Certified Dental Technician for fifteen years, specializing in Removable and Implant-Supported Prosthetics.

In his free time, Wes enjoys exploring the outdoors with his family and watching his two daughters play sports.

Chairside Consultants


Gayle Banic

Consultant for NDX nSequence

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Gayle graduated from Indiana University of South Bend where she completed the School of Dentistry’s Certified Dental Assisting Program in 1995. She is a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) and Expanded Functions Dental Assistant with over two decades of experience.

Gayle is certified by the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dental Studies in aesthetics and TMJ disorders. She is certified by Invisalign® and has held a CEREC certification since 1995. She is a Fellow of the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries (ADIA) and is a member of the American Dental Assisting Association (ADAA).

Gayle Banic
Gayle focuses on best practices for digital technology and team dynamics when placing dental implants. She lectures on digital workflow using CBCT and digital impressions with CEREC and Trios Digital Scanners for both dentists and auxiliaries. Additionally, she mentors dentists and team members through the entire dental implant process, including the initial consult, through treatment planning and acceptance and delivery from the Auxiliary perspective.

When she steps away from her roles in dentistry and dental continuing education, Gayle enjoys gardening and exploring new places.


Holly Bortner

Consultant for NDX nSequence, CDA
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Holly brings forth nearly a decade of oral surgery experience. She is well versed in All-on-X cases with immediately loaded prostheses and single implants as well. Prior to working with nSequence, Holly was a Dental Implant Coordinator for many years with experience in chairside support, CT guided implant planning, and liaising between doctor and vender relationships. Holly has additional experience assisting with hospital trauma cases, biopsies, guided surgery both dental implant(s) and orthognathic, sinus lifts and bone augmentations, PRF and rhBMP-2 grafting. She thrives when she assists in the transformation of a person’s smile in a single visit.

Alice Sager

Alice Sager

Consultant for NDX nSequence

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Alice Sager started her career in the dental industry 35 years ago. She graduated from an accredited program of Dental Laboratory Technology in St Paul, MN, with her primary expertise in Removable Prosthetics. Specializing in the area of Complete Dentures, Alice’s focus has been to work closely with the clinician and staff to provide the most comprehensive treatments. Her purpose is to provide the best one-on-one services for every dentist and each of their patients.

Gene Thomas
Alice’s background and experiences include: managing and directing large and small dental laboratories, lecturing and training at denture courses across the US and Canada. She owned and operated a private dental laboratory in Boise, ID and has served as a laboratory operations advisor, technical training coach and communication specialist.



Gene Thomas

Consultant for NDX nSequence

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Gene began his career of over 40 years in the dental industry working with a Prosthodontist in his own lab. He was the General Manager at NDX Dodd for more than 30 years. Gene has lectured to several societies and study groups throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland — including the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Dental Society. During his free time, he enjoys traveling, golf and photography, as well as spending time with his family and their Labradoodle.