nSequence® Scan Review RX Order Form

Please complete the entire form below. All fields indicated by * are required. Scans per arch cost $100.  

Important Information to Review:

Before you begin, please review the CT Guided Scan Protocol and Scan Quality tips.  You will also need to have the following in order to process your case:

  • Scan of patient (Required)
  • Scan of denture with markers (Dual Scan Protocol - if applicable; Optional if more detail is needed)
  • Upper and lower impressions or models (Optical Scan Conversion - if applicable; Optional if more detail is needed)

CT Guided Scan Protocol:

Scan Quality:

Before submitting your case, check that all your scans adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Scan field of view: Make sure no part of the desired arch to be treatment planned is cut off, there is no patient movement and a scan appliance was used.
  • Scan resolution: Minimum of 0.3 voxel is recommended. The smaller the number, the better (ex: 0.2, 0.1, etc.).
  • Scan format: Please send all files in DICOM format.


Failure to submit necessary records will result in delays to your case.


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Treatment Plan Information


Please provide as much treatment information as possible so our technicians know what to look for in the CBCT

Note: A tech will reach out via email to review the scan.