Digital Products & Services

At the nSequence laboratory, we focus on ensuring you have the best in digital laboratory services.  
These include:

The nSequence® Guided Prosthetics® Kit & Workflow

The nSequence Guided Prosthetics Kit is part of a patented surgical workflow utilizing the patient’s CBCT scan to collaboratively pre-plan the case with the surgeon, restorative dentist and an experienced nSequence technician to fabricate the provisional prosthesis and associated components for immediate full arch rehabilitation. The kit includes a CT Anatomical Model, stackable guides including the Bone Foundation (reduction) Guide, Surgical Guide and Angled Abutment Guide, a Tissue Gasket, a Long Term Provisional with an integrated reinforcing bar, a Clear Duplicate and a Surgical Report.

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CT Guide Planning and Guide Fabrication

Depending on the complexity and type of case, we can design highly customized surgical guides to suit the requirements of the treatment plan. We offer various designs including: teeth supported, tissue supported, and bone supported. Request the design you prefer or speak with one of our experts who can help you choose the best option for your patient.

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3D Diagnostic Imaging

nSequence has a 3D Diagnostic Imaging Center, which uses an i-CAT®, 3D imaging system, offering dental professionals the best treatment planning solutions available on the market today. This imaging system provides dental specialists with the most accurate views of oral and maxillofacial structures, which leads to more successful treatment plans and predictable surgical outcomes mainly used for the following study purposes:

  • Implant Planning
  • Orthodontics
  • Airway
  • Tumor/Cancer evaluation
  • TMJ Assessment
  • Sinus/Nasal
  • 3rd Molar/Impaction
  • Foreign object evaluation
  • Cephalometric/Rondeau

Dentists can send their patients for a CBCT scan directly to our Diagnostic Imaging Center with utmost assurance that nSequence will work closely with all clinicians in planning the proper treatment plan for the patient’s case. 

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nSequence® Guided Prosthetics® Demo Kit

Demo kits are designed to deliver the nSequence Guided Prosthetics product into the hands of clinicians and patients. These kits provide crucial hands-on perspective and experience to the approach and design. Our demo kits will include the following:

  • A long-term provisional prosthetic for one arch (PMMA Bridge + metal reinforcement)
  • Opposing digitally printed model
  • Implant parts (additional charge from implant manufacturer):
    • Dummy Implants (Analogs if dummy implants are not available)
    • Guided Implant mounts
    • Multi-unit abutments
    • Temporary cylinders
    • Screws
  • All patented nSequence fabricated lab components
  • Mounted on plates for articulators of your choice: SAM III, Artex, or Panadent
  • All packaged in sealed hard-shell case cover
Order these demo kits today for your case presentation or for your next hands-on course!

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Digital Wax Up Order

Evolve the way you do wax ups. Now, more than ever before, you can have complete control over the desired restorative treatment plan. You can have multiple options for treatment, allow the patients to see the planning, and fabricate temporaries from the approved treatment plan. Details of these key advantages are:

  • Complete control over design and approval process through online webmeeting.
  • Multiple options of treatment can be saved for patient approval prior to fabrication.
  • Design is custom tailored to every patient.
  • Capable of virtually simulating excursive movements, adding or subtracting vertical dimension, and even virtual crown lengthening.
  • Delivery of suck-down appliances for prep-guiding, putty matrices if temporaries are to be made chair-side, or even pre-fabricated temporaries.
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CT Anatomical Model Only Order

The CT Anatomical Model is printed in clear and white resin using your patient’s CBCT scan.  This will show the teeth, bone, and other vital anatomies.  It is mainly used for study purposes on your patient for the following:

  • Implant Planning
  • Tumor/Cancer Evaluation
  • Orthodontics
  • Foreign Object evaluation
  • Bone Grafting Evaluation
  • Sinus, Nasal, and Airway Analysis
  • TMJ Assessment (additional charge)
  • Zygomatic Implant Examination (additional charge)
This model can be ordered as a single arch or for both arches. 

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Radiology Report Order

Take full advantage of your CBCT scans by utilizing radiology reports. Clinical concerns identified in CT scans are thoroughly examined and addressed by Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologists.

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nSequence® Scan Review RX Order

Scan reviews include a 15 minute maximum consultation session to discuss feasibility of case treatment and possible ideal prosthetic options. 

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Simplant Conversion Order

Simplant users who would like to have their scans processed using the proprietary Simplant conversion process could utilize NDX nSequence for their conversion needs. Quick turnaround times and processed by highly experienced technicians, these conversions will enhance the way you do Simplant.

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Custom Milling Capabilities

Whether a model, a denture or a long-term provisional prosthetic, nSequence has the tools and the technology to custom design prostheses to your patient’s exact specifications. There is no need to “fit the patient to the restoration”. Your patient will receive custom parts and pieces that are made possible through digital scanning and milling software to ensure that all dimensions are patient-specific.

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Chairside Services

Looking for in-office support for your Fully Guided Prosthetics® case? For a small, initial fee, NDX nSequence can provide new clients a chairside technical specialist to assist you through your first case. Contact NDX nSequence at 1-888-809-2777 to learn more about this service.

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