Clinical Evidence

NDX nSequence® is committed to technological advancements in guided surgery for immediate full arch rehabilitation. Our clinical evidence exemplifies the quality and results associated with our technology. Click on the articles below to learn more about our Guided Prosthetics® Workflow and the efficacy of our surgical guides.

Same Day Teeth®/nSequence® Guided Prosthetics® Protocol for Immediate Full-arch Reconstruction

Implant Practice. 2018; 11(4).
"Dr. Michael A. Pikos describes a treatment plan for patients who request quick results." [Read more]

nSequence®: Where Experience Meets Technology

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. 2017; 38(7).
"As an oral surgeon, Michael Pikos, DDS, has seen firsthand how incorporating a digital workflow allows the clinician to pre-plan and customize treatment for each patient. By utilizing nSequence®, a full-service digital and conventional dental laboratory that specializes in CT guided surgery and guided prosthetics from National Dentex (NDX), Dr. Pikos provides his patients with improved satisfaction, along with a faster and more efficient workflow..." [Read more]

The Virtual Dental Patent: Digitally Designed All-On-X

Inside Dental Technology. 2017; 8(6).
"The process of providing functional, esthetic treatment for the terminally dentate and edentulous patient has been changed dramatically due to the innovative and immediate approach of cone-beam computer tomography-guided full-arch surgery (CBCT-GFA)..." [Read more]

Using Dental GPS to Navigate Implant Placement

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. 2016; 37(8).
"Digital advances have changed implant planning to improve outcomes in placement and restoration. Layering multiple image inputs, such as volumetric radiology, photography, and 3-dimensional (3D) surface scans, has allowed better assessment of patients with partial or complete edentulism..." [Read more]

Guided Full-Arch Immediate-Function Treatment Modailty for the Edentulous and Terminal Dentition Patient

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. 2015; 36(2).
"This article reviews the rationale, techniques, and advantages of a guided full-arch immediate-function implant treatment modality that includes placement of a prefabricated, bar-supported, monolithic polymethyl methacrylate acrylic (PMMA) prosthesis for edentulous and terminal dentition patients..." [Read more]